Not Just Birding

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Not Just Birding

As the name implies, the Blog isn't just about birds, but also about butterflies, dragon and damselflies, moths, flowers and anything else which takes our fancy.

We now live on a Farm in Wiltshire and do most of our birding in Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset. As well as recording birds and other wildlife, we'll also be posting photographs of what we see.

We started the old "Not Just Birding" Blog in April 2007, and from the comments we've received it seems that people like to read about what we've been doing and to look at the photos.

Because of the constraints of a free site, we've decided to restrict the number of pages, to the Home page, and the current and previous months.

Please take a look, it's not just about birding, it's about whatever we find interesting along the way.    

We'll update the site as and when we can.

Brian & Ann